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Getting Started

All you need to know to get started with RedTamarin, the general approach

Download the SDK

Go to the download page and get the zip file for your current Operating System.

The download download page contains a list of all the SDK
published by version and by operating system.

What do you get inside the SDK?

  • the ActionScript Compiler (ASC)
    which allows you to compile your code

  • the redshell (RedTamarin shell)
    for your platform (either Windows, Macintosh or Linux)
    in different versions: release, debug, debug debugger
    in both 32-bit and 64-bit

  • the redbean command line tool
    which allows you to run build files in AS3

  • the library
    to compile your code against the RedTamarin API
    and so your program can run with the redshell

  • the redtamarin.swc library
    to provide syntax completion and documentation
    in different code editors

  • HTML documentation for RedTamarin
    and for tools such as redbean

Install the SDK

Unzip the files into a folder then setup the environment variable.

The logic of the SDK is to be in a central location
that can be accessed system wide.

Then to declare an environment variable
REDTAMARIN_SDK to point to that central location.

Under Windows

You could unzip the files here for example


then click start

on computer right click properties

then click on Advanced system settings

then click the button Environment Variables ...

in System variables

create an environment variable by clicking New ...

for the Variable name types REDTAMARIN_SDK
for the Variable value types C:\sdk\redtamarin
(or any other location)

See also How to set the path and environment variables in Windows.

Under Mac OS X

You could unzip the files here for example

When you create a folder at the root of the drive
depending on your settings the system could ask you
to validate it with a login/password

Open a Terminal window

Navigate to the location of the redshell runtimes
and make the binaries executable

$ cd /sdk/redtamarin/runtimes/redshell/macintosh/32
$ chmod +x redshell*

$ cd /sdk/redtamarin/runtimes/redshell/macintosh/64
$ chmod +x redshell*

Navigate to the location of redbean
and make the binaries executable

$ cd /sdk/redtamarin/bin
$ chmod +x redbean

To create the environment variable

Open a Terminal window

Navigate to your HOME folder

$ cd ~

depending on your settings edit either your
~/.bash_profile, ~/.bash_login , ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile file
and add the following

export REDTAMARIN_SDK=/sdk/redtamarin

If you need to access this environment variable
from a GUI program you will need also to type in the Terminal

$ launchctl setenv REDTAMARIN_SDK /sdk/redtamarin

(eg. you need to do this for Flash Builder)

See also How to Set an Environment Variable in Mac OS X.

Under Linux


See also Ubuntu documentation Environment Variables.

Test the Installation

To be sure that everything is installed correctly let's test it.

All this is happening on the command line,
depending on the platform different terms could be used

  • the Command Prompt or Cygwin prompt for Windows

  • the Terminal for Mac OS X

  • the Console, Terminal, etc. for Linux

and in fact all those terms are interchangeable
and different people use different terms, etc.

To keep thing simple we will always refer to the command line.
See also Ubuntu documentation Command line howto.

To test your installation, on the command line

navigate to the RedTamarin SDK bin folder

$ cd /sdk/redtamarin/bin

and run redbean

$ ./redbean

Now, only 2 things can happen
either the SDK is found or not

if not found

[error] RedTamarin SDK Not Found!!

OK, it does not work, it could be anything
try to retrace your steps and double check
maybe you're new to the command line
or maybe your system have a very special setup

if you are a Windows user check out those video tutorials

if you are a Mac OS X user check out those video tutorials

if you are a Linux user check out those video tutorials

if you are really stuck here maybe it's time
to join the redtamarin forum
describe what you did, on which system you are
and I'm pretty sure you will get some help
to get all that sorted out.

if found

[redbean 1.0.0]
[error] "build.as3" is not a valid file

from that point you can try also

to display the help

$ ./redbean -- -h

show informations

$ ./redbean -- -i

Basically, from here, you are ready to use RedTamarin.

If you need more details, you can check the following pages:

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Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.