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Where to do what.

About general talk

I'm not sure why but when it come to RedTamarin people have a tendency
to contact me directly, by email, by chart, etc.

It's OK, but it has the little bad effect to keep some interesting questions
or conversations under "closed doors", maybe some other people could
be interested by such discussions / questions/ etc.

It also have the "nasty" effect to show no activity around RedTamarin,
a bit like the problem of "empty restaurant" where people going out to eat
confronted to an empty place and a place with activity
will instinctly go to the place where there are already other people
eg. the NOT EMPTY place.

RedTamarin does not generate a lot of activity,
it's not like the thing is extremely known or popular
but it sitll does have some kind of activity
and it would be best if other peopel could see it.

Please do use the forum
if you have questions to ask, problems, or just want to talk about it.

You will get your answer anyway, but at least it will show some activity
and as a bonus your question/answer will also help others.

About bugs

If you encounter a problem and are not sure it is a bug with RedTamarin
or you "using it wrong", again come to the forum and explain your problem.

If you are sure this is a bug, submit an issue in the bug tracker.

In the bug report please mention the following

  • on which platform this is happening
    Windows, Macintosh, Linux
    ideally give use the full detail
    for example: Mac OS X 10.8.2, Windows 7 Home edition 32-bit, etc.

  • version of the RedTamarin you are using
    for example: 0.4.1T174

  • the scenario of what you try to do
    whith an expected result
    for ex: I try to obtain my local IP address
    and with the other result/bug your obtaining instead
    for ex: I obtain this error blah blah blah

  • please as much details as possible
    a tool like redbean can help
    for ex: redbean -- -i -e -v
    to get info, env vars and verbose

About features request

Again, submit an issue in the bug tracker.

And there simply explain what you wish the tool could do,
or what you think is missing, or any other enhancement you would like.

Please, understand also that RedTamarin has a clear goal

running ActionScript 3.0 on the command line

and that the feature you may need does not fit with this goal

for example:

  • "it should be an open source Flash Player"

  • "it should be like Node.js"

  • "it should work like PHP"

  • "it should be more like haxe"

maybe, maybe not

On such subjects, before sending a feature requests
it should be best to discuss about it on the forum.

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