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How to contribute and where

This is where you can help the RedTamarin project.

The best contribution you can do

Simply use RedTamarin.

The more you use it the more chance you have to find bugs
and report them back to us, or to miss features and request them,
so yeah just use the tool.

Also, if you use it and it just works, that gives you
the opportunity to help others in the forum or any other places
when for them it does not work.

Writting tools with RedTamarin

Again, it's all about the command line and ActionScript 3.0.

Maybe you started from scratch a tool with RedTamarin,
or ported a tool written in another language,
or did this cool thing, etc.

Or maybe on your next project, instead of using X or Y language,
just use ActionScript 3.0 and RedTamarin.

Writting documentation

If you want to help us improve the documentation
there are many things and places where it can be done

  • write a tutorial

  • make a blog post

  • make a video

  • go trough the source code and improve the asdoc
    (contact us in the forum)

anything really, let us know so we can
add this to our documentation.

Be a platform champion

One of the hardest thing to do with RedTamarin
is to test it everywhere.

A platform champion is basically someone
that use on a daily basis a particular platform
and that run RedTamarin on it.

The platform could be anything,
you just need to really like it.

Let us know on the forum
if you would be ready to go the extra mile to support a particular platform.

Writting code

It could be as simple as porting an already existing AS3 library to use RedTamarin functionalities.

Or creating an AS3 library to be compatible with RedTamarin.

Or maybe you are more hard core and want to contribute C++ code.

In any case, the first step would be to contact us on the forum.

You don't have to, but if you do we will try to get you started on the right foot.

More ?

We will put a paypal and patreon on the web site a little later.

You can also hire us to do specific RedTamarin work for you.

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