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The RedTamarin features

Open Source

Everything is open, nothing hidden.


reuse the ActionScript Virtual Machine 2
the same one used by the Flash Player and AIR

Language Builtins

it can use all the ActionScript 3.0 builtins, etc.
it is not a new langauge that ressemble ActionScript
it is the same language with all the same features

Cross Platform

RedTamarin build for Windows, Macintosh and Linux
It supports mainly A, B, C
but everything is already in place to support more

Want to support Solaris ? it's possible
Want to support Macintosh PPC ? it's possible
Want to support SH4 ? it's possible

it's just not there by default

32-bits and 64-bits

RedTamarin support both

Cross-Platform Native API

supported on all platforms
you don't end up not being able to do X or Y
because of the platform you have chosen

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